Dental Implants

Dental Implants

The latest technologies and research, have allowed the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants.

A dental implant restores the mouth to optimal function, stabilising the surrounding bone, gums and teeth, by substituting the root structure of a missing tooth, with a Titanium fixture. It can prevent the complications that occur with tooth loss.

A dental Implant is a Titanium Fixture or 'screw' which is gently inserted into the jawbone, to hold a beautifully made, durable and strong porcelain tooth.

Multiple appointments are usually required to complete this form of treatment, your Richmond Dentist will advise you if a dental implant is suitable, to replace your missing tooth.

A lost tooth can be replaced right back into the site where it was lost, with a dental implant.

The dentists at the Richmond Dentist have carefully studied Dental Implantology, and have attained Certificates in the highly advanced methods, of Dental Implant treatment. Taking pride to treat every case with the highest of standards.

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